Monday, October 20, 2008


(you know you like those quick photoshop skills)

Taking their first dive into the original producing world, our friends Designer Drugs have crafted two stellar tracks for your listening pleasure...

The debut "Zombies!" is exceptionally fit for this current holiday season, with its thunderstorm intro and overall spooktacular feel... That's right, spooktacular...

Its fellow banger (there's gotta be a better way to say that) "Back up in This" is a track that is guaranteed to get people's fists pumping. The killer hook, fucked up circus organ, wobbling bass and gunshot claps make this track a party must.

Both "Zombies!" and "Back up in This" are set for release next Tuesday through IHEARTCOMIX!... We have been gracious enough to receive a copy of Zombies! for you, good people of blog-land... Be sure to cop these singles from Beatport or iTunes the 28th though...

Designer Drugs - Zombies!

-Manley, Himself


Melrose said...

What is it about zombies and Electro music? The two just go hand in hand.

Unknown said...

zombies are always good with music, haha, love the site!


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