Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Test'm Out Tuesday IX



Adrian Lux loves strawberries... it is true, listen to these...

Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Oscar Wedren Remix)

Adrian Lux - Strawberry (Kocky & Trash remix)


DJ Barletta kills it with his TMDP take...

TMDP - Running (DJ Barletta Glitch Fix)


This next two, Robin Da Hood and Colours, are playing a show together sometime soon... Check out their respective myspaces for more details...

DJ Kool - Clear My Throat (Robin Da Hood Remix)

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Colours Remix)


Here's a Sound Cloud Win from BitchSlapHappy... It's relatively mellow in comparison to many things we post about here, but it's good nonetheless.

A Change Of Pace - Safe and Sound in Phone Lines (BitchSlapHappy Remix)


Out of Brazil, Database sent us this stellar piece...

Database feat. Midnight Martyn - Burn Me Up


and A-ux of the NYC rounds out this oh so long...and bit tiring post...

Monosurround vs A-ux - Cocked,Locked,Ready to Rock Remix

A-ux - Journey to Hew Hope

-Manley, Himself

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