Monday, November 17, 2008

True Pseudo Remixes Mt. Sims

True Pseudo has got a lot in store for us. They are taking over the Electro scene in OC/LA, bumpin out remixes, getting their songs signed (new song coming soon on Calamity Jane), and more remixes by Designer Drugs and Nadastrom.

I like their production "sound". It sounds clean, polished, and "big".....kinda like Le Castle Vania and Designer Drugs.

Here is True Pseudo's Indie-Banger remix, The Bitten:

MT. Sims- The Bitten (True Pseudo Official Remix)

Check out MT. Sims Myspace while you are at it.



Whacky D said...

wooooo holy shit dis is goooooood.


WOW this band and remixers are great finds !!! Thank you !!

Anonymous said...

where can i get this on wax?

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