Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess who's back? I disappeared for a while, I apologize to everyone here at PM! Life has been quite busy, mostly due to school and the finals that go along with this time of year. Fear not though, because I'm back! Let's cut to the chase and get down to the nitty gritty! As some of you may have noticed, I'm a pretty big fan of Wolfgang Gartner. His productions never fail on the dance floor, and each track he puts out is pure quality; beautifully mastered and brilliantly engineered with filth-up-to-your-elbows nastiness. Here's one of his latest singles that I know I'll be hammering out, called "Flashback". This tune is freaking...unbelievable people. I have noticed Wolfmaster G-eezy has been putting a lot of old school funk and house influences into his latest productions, which is probably the result of his jackin' house roots as producer Joey Youngman (what a twist!). The tune features some breakdowns that remind me of Daft Punk tunes like Phoenix and super catchy vocal clips "ya get (?) and ya don't stop!". I don't really even 100% understand the freaking lyric but I'll fill in the blank on that one and keep chair dancing. I'm sorry I can't help myself.

Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Original Mix)

Next up is a tune from a producer/dj you are probably familiar with! New madness from DJ Medhi. I'm sure a lot of you have heard the tune Pocket Piano already, and I myself picked up a copy of the Brodinski remix. This particular version will fit in to the more "techno" inclined crowd, so for all of you out there who enjoy their beats a little bit darker, and a little bit more driving, this version is for you.

DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix)

Now for all you ADD/ADHD fidget house fans out there, I have a tasty little gem for you guys today! Zodiac Cartel recently remixed the now classic electro house track "Rave Is King" by German producer Fukkk Offf (I know I hammered this tune out relentlessly), and I have to be honest...I think it's even better than the original! Totally massive piano riffs, huge classic "rave"/"hoover" sounds (anyone with a synth knows what I'm talking about), live percussion style drum actions, massive build ups and break downs, catchy lyrics, screamin' guitar sounding synth action...::gasp::... loops, cuts, drugs, alcohol, free money and women. What what was I talking about? Sorry. ADD. Check the tune.

Fukkk Offf - Rave Is King (Zodiac Cartel Remix)

- Mark Starr

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Mark Starr said...

I agree. They're amazing.

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