Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just wanted to stop by here really quick and post possibly two of of my top 10 favorite house tracks of 2008. Both happen to come from the same new release off of Mistakes Music. Sebastien Ledger (one of my favorite producers of all time, and one of the best producers in 2008 in my opinion) does nothing short of blowing my freakin' mind into pieces. This latest release makes great use of organic sounds and nasty beats. Here are my two favorite tracks from this release, "Majuro" (a warmer, more set building tune) and "Broken Clock" (a more massive peak hour electro monster) which is remixed by none other than Deadmau5. NJOI!

Sebastien Ledger - Majuro (Original Mix)

Sebastien Ledger - Broken Clock (Deadmau5 Remix)

- Mark Starr


Anonymous said...

Sup man! Thanks for the tracks and good to have you back :) The Majuro track is still as Flashback, just a heads up ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Can't agree more on Sebastien Legér as one of the best producers during 2008.

Mark Starr said...

Ah goodness, I apologize for the messed up link there. It's fixed now, Majuro will download as Majuro, not flashback :)


Anonymous said...

if he's one of your favorite producers why do you misspell his name?

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