Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double Dutch!

Hey everyone, Mark Starr stopping by to deliver you a fresh batch of electro madness. Today's special is a hot plate of beats cooked up by none other than Jaimie Fanatic and DJ Rockid. This recent smash hit has been destroying the clubs and any crowd I've dropped it for (especially the Breakdown remix! Man that remix is huge!). This one has been topping the charts lately from many big jocks and has been destroying the beatport top 10 (overall and electro) recently too. With thick dirty electro basslines, scratching fx (done well), an awesome breakdown (no pun intended), and a driving beat...this is a dish best served on FIYAH! Hate to dine and dash with you guys but things have been busy lately!

Stay tuned for an official remix release by myself on beatport in March! Hope all you PM loyals are doing great. I promise to make appearances more often!

Jaimie Fanatic, DJ Rockid - Double Dutch Buzz (Breakdown Mix)

- Mark Starr

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