Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mt. Dew I Hate You

Dear Pepsico Inc.,

I hate you. I hate you so much it hurts. What is with your marketing department? Is it run by 45 year old "know-it-alls" whos generational connection is through their 12 year old daughter? Not sure why I'm upset? Well take a good look at the idiocrasy that is your Mountain Dew can.

See that word "MTN" -

IT'S NOT A REAL FUCKING WORD! It's an abbreviation of a real word! Is this recession causing your can manufactures to start charging you by the letter?

I want to know what was so wrong with the way it was before?

Mountain. I understand you want to be cool and abbreviate it to "MTN" - which is just fucking dumb. Why would you do that? Mountain isn't exactly a word people use in everyday writing. When people rely on things in pop culture - such as yourself - to help them spell things, they will realize they have no way of knowing how to spell the word MOUNTAIN!

I hate you, yet i love whats inside of you.

Sounds like Bright Eyes lyrics.

- DC/GlowTape!


E.Strange said...


Manley © said...

Sing it Brotha!

its me said...

Hey wat up im one of thoughs peoples that helped out 2day or the cotten candy girl every ones been callin me that all day it kinda makes me angry but o well find me on myspace peace

Anonymous said...

Mountain already has an abbreviation. It looks a little something like this Mt. See how there is no n at the end. There can't be two abbreviations. That would be ludicrous. Somebody right a letter.

DC/GlowTape! said...

actually through research to make sure, Mt. is actually an abbreviation for the word Mount. Even though Mount is essentially the same thing as a mountain - still two different words.

Anonymous said...

It's a can of sugar water...

Grayvz said...

Just wait until MGMT and DSKOTEK hear who just jumped on the bandwagon!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that MTN Dew tastes different? I know its not a lot different, but its a weird citrus taste. I cant stand it.

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