Sunday, January 4, 2009

SoundCloud Sundays!

I believe that Sundays here are going to be dedicated to our SoundCloud account, something that I have regrettably neglecting lately. But that's all gonna change folks, I'm a new man! Feel free to click on our account dropbox and add your tracks whenever you wish - I will place them up here each and every Sunday... Till then...

Enjoy some stunning tracks from our friends cross the globe...

Urban Fabric

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Urban Fabric's Don't Hold Back Remix)


Blaqstarr - Hands Up Thumbs Down (Degree Remix)


Flashbeat - Golden Age


Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (Crisis Remix)

Drakula Castle

Drakula Castle - Push It!

Yeah You Heard Me!

Yeah You Heard Me! - Ohw!

-Manley, Himself

1 comment:

iskream social said...

Hey my sister cj milli told me to check out this blog and send my mixtape in. I made a remix to hands up thumbs down a few weeks ago. Its the first song in my SEPtember Mixtape. You can listen to it on my sound cloud (where you find the link to post the mp3 to post it on your blog) check it owt!

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