Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special Guest Blogger: DJ Acrojam

Today we are joined by a very special guest blogger and future writer of Penned Madness, DJ Acrojam of Tallahassee Florida. Acrojam is a super recent graduate of Florida A&M, excelling in gettin' her B.A. in being BA for the past four years. Between massive school loads and full time jobs Acro, as I affectionately call her, has manage to become a community staple within the Tallahassee music event nights, hip-hop competitions, community activities and even a wildly popular radio show to boot.

See, Acro and myself are radio DJs as well as proper DJs here in Tallahassee, at the award-winning station WVFS Tallahassee 89.7FM. She herself hosts one of the stations most popular programs and one of the city's most influential hip-hop show, The Underground Railroad. Together with her own personal crack team of contributors, every week Acrojam brings back the true meaning of hip-hop with three hours of a delicate balance of Old, New and Tru Skool Hip-Hop. Join me in welcoming DJ ACROJAM! -Manley, Himself


Man 'o man does time fly. Where does it all go? It seems like last week I was watching Yogi Bear and Boo Boo get busted at Jellystone park. A few days ago it seems like I was arguing with classmates about who was the best Ninja Turtle (Michelangelo still rules! Dammit!). It feels like it was just yesterday that my neighbors and I were pretending to be Power Rangers and fighting the evil putties. I still think they look gross by the way and I was always the Black Ranger for some odd reason.

While at work, I practiced my daily day dream meditation. I so happened to look off and saw a group of small children playing in the dirty fountain by the IMax theater. I thought to myself, "Where is your teacher?", then I thought "Wow, it wasn't too long ago that I was being reprimanded for trying to push another class mate into a fountain on a field trip at the local museum. He started it. Scouts swear. For real though, you remember wanting to go chase the ice cream truck down before dinner or wanting to play water gun fight when it was chilly outside? No? Maybe it was something else, the hell if I know what you wanted to do but, you will remember saying this..."I can't wait to be a grown up so I can do what I want!!! Hmph!

Well Congratulations! That has come chum! But guess what? You still can't do what you want with out being reprimanded or limited in some type of way. Well, not unless you are Good 'Ol Dubyah (still counting down toward history!) Anyway, having small pockets (tremendously small) and a job market that is just ass bad as Hannah Montana Pop's haircut, is not anything a recent graduate is looking forward to experience. So until I network my ass off and become your favorite artist's tour dj, I'll be here, there, every where, striving to make my mark. Before I go I wanted to share a video very dear to my heart. I hope this brings cherished childhood memories to you like it did for me. 'Til next time...

Digital Primate - On Da Radio (Andee Van Damage & Ooh Ee Remix)

-DJ Acrojam


Anonymous said...

the file is bust, try uploading again or check the code.

Manley © said...

Don't have access to the FTP this second so I can't fix the player, but you can right click and download just fine...

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