Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Justice & So Me Do Coke

I think that this pretty rad. Thanks Highsnobiety for this post. This is pretty cool. Maybe you don't like Coke, maybe you do. I don't by itself - but - with a few shots of Jack Daniels I can be down! I just love to see the impact that this scene has on pop culture. It's just crazy that a couple of dudes who made some banging electro/maimal/hipster shit got so big to the point where Justice surpasses Justin. Congrats on the Grammy. You guys deserved it.

Here is a sick dubstep track by Reso - which was number one the Beatport dubstep chart for a hot second.

Reso - If Ya Can't Beat Em

And a remix by So Me that Justice made popular in their sets.

Klaxons - Golden Skans to Interzone (So Me Remix)

- - DC/GlowTape!

Ps. If you are in New York this weekend and you are going to Webster Hall for Xavier and Busy P - hit me up!!!!


Ghost said...

who doesn't love coke?

Anonymous said...

coke are b*stards!
check it;

the so me remix is lush tho

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