Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tasty Tuesday!

Hey everyone, Mark Starr here dropping by for a quick second to deliver you some new goods from electro-madman Hatiras. First off is an original that essentially is my new weapon whenever some etarded/wasted skanktastic clubgoer decides to get all up in my shit when I'm DJing :)

Hatiras - Out My Face feat. We Don't Sleep (Original Mix)

Next up is the tasty wompwompbassline dancefloor destroyer, Tim Healey and Marc Adamo - Ghetto Blaster (Hatiras Remix). Excellent thick wobbly basslines, massive buildups and bodyshakin' groundbreak' beats make this a tune fresh enough for WMC and for all you electro DJs out there.

Tim Healey and Marc Adamo - Ghetto Blaster (Hatiras Remix)

Now get the cluck out my face!

- Mark Starr

1 comment:

Unknown said...

"yo dude, you rockin' the decks, aight? yo, what's that last track you just melted everyone's off with? yo, you got myspace? wait, let me get my girl over here, she can take our picture, aight?"

(just felt like gettin' up in someone's shit, hope i did good)

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