Friday, March 13, 2009

WMC, Yipee!

Well, that special event of the year is almost upon us - The Winter Music Conference is only weeks away!

Just like every year in Miami for this monumental event, there is a shit-ton of events planned. All of which I am sadly missing this year. I had to cancel our trip and an event that Team Jaguar (Andrea and I) were playing at WMC. We did this because we are hosting and performing at our party with the phenomenal Kraak and Smaak before they themselves head down to tear Miami a new one, so I think it's worth it.

Though I am not making the several hour long trip down to Miami, many of our other Penned Madness brethern and extended family are. And I would like to take this time to promote some of their individual events and showcase occuring during this, the Conference of Winter Music.

To do that, we have some special treats for you - Mini-Mixes!

Brought to you by the Awesomest of Agencies, Awesome Agency - Comes "AWESOME"

Ok, admittedly this is a bit before WMC (like tomorrow) and not even in Miami (more like Berlin) but the collection of mini-mixes of other artists set to perform throughout the conference is too good not to post.

All the artists below will be appearing SOMEWHERE in Miami during WMC - grab a copy of these mixes and get pumped and/or stoked. And if you happen to be in Berlin tomorrow, go get yourself some Awesome.

Big Thanks to Leo with Awesome Agency hooking us up with these mixes and Chris at Hot Pink Delorean for hooking us with Leo! More mixes to come!

Discobelle - Sell Out Mix - Sal Kirdkin

Hot Pink Delorean - WMC Minimix

Cobra Krames - 10 Minutes of Mayhem


Also during WMC (actually during WMC) and in Miami (where WMC happens) is Red Bull's "ONES 2 WATCH" party...

Featuring one other than two of our Penned Madness Writers - Mark Starr and DC/Glowtape! - and Hot Pink Delorean as well.

THIS is going to be a event to behold - truly a place where you know everyone performing will be giving it their all and blowing people's expectations away!

Cheers to you all - I wish you the best!

More mixes soon to come!

- Manley, Himself

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