Friday, April 10, 2009

My Mans and Em

Ok normally I wouldn't post a mix from another blog , but Code from The American Dream Team is my dood , and he is on top of his game 247. The American Dream Team needs to get more famous asap , Code is always sending me new bangers he made and his video artist is next level for real. I can play all of their track anywhere from a midwest rave (lol) to a bottle service spot. T.A.D.T defines what ''electro'' should be without all the bullshit , just raw quailty music. I also smell code's sideproject , and I'm digging it

TADT - What Dreams Are Made Of 4.0 mixtape

Machines Don't Care - Drop It To The Floor (TADT Baby Pop Remix)

Next up is my man Kraymer , this dood sends me a new bassline track of his every 5 days , I've played them all out , their all proper! Something to fucking boot about this guy , he has music out on RuNt Records..WHAT!. I wish I was on RuNT Records.
Seriously though , Kraymer is about to be that next shit.

30H!3 Don't Trust Me (Kraymer Cut Up)

Hijack -Trouser Jazz (Kraymer Remix)
More Kraymer tracks coming soon!

Here is a new one of mine , its already made into the playlists of some good names!!
Real feel good piano stabby warping synths here , Good for all ages!

FPI Goin Back to my Roots (Figure Remix)

Same Bat time ..Same Bat channel


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