Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thrash the Fuck out.

I don't think i will ever get over my love of all types of Thrash Music. Honestly all a song needs IMO is a SICK riff, HARD hitting drums and some HYPED up DESTROYING bass line. So What better then Electronic Hardcore or some other type of noise driven synth banginess thats just completely out of control!

Well here we go every one. Lets get this dance music underway!!!!

Got some remixs of Sonny. By the likes of Lazrtag, Dmndays, The Toxic Avenger, and Dan Sena. These songs fucking rule! Seriously put them on and try not to just feel the need to freak out uncontrollably!! Shit is super serious and on point for sure in these songs Every single one cuts right to the chase of what its gonna be about! NO fuckin pussy footin around here when it comes to something thats just meant to bang you out and leave you breathless on the dance floor thats for damn sure!
The full Gypsyhook EP is available on itunes and amazon and includes all of these remixes plus the original track in 320kps. Totally worth the buy guys!!!! Heres the link to amazon!

Gypsyhook-(Dmndays remix) 1

Mora-(The Toxic Avenger Remix)

Mora-(Lazrtag remix)

Copaface2-(Dan Sena Remix)

Next up we have a group called Blood Shake!! These two hail from Brazil and just completely fucking OWN!!! Seriously great job!!! Every time a hear a sexy Spanish voice it melts my heart away! Love these tunes as much as I do!

Electrika vem ca - (blood shake remix)

queen of the night-(blood shake noize remix)

Now heres some random goodies!!!!

Ithaca (AutoRock Remix)

How 2 B Cool-(Ladyscraper Remix)

Good to go-Schlachthofbronx

We Love The Disco Sound-(Mark Lam Remix)

- Estrange

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Jack said...

Posts like this make me love this blog. I want you all for myself!!

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