Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo and I feel fine

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Here at Penned Madness we take drinking holidays very seriously. In fact, half of our team have already been drunk since midnight. We like to celebrate early. So while you guys are indulging in your tacos/burritos that you either got from Tijuana Flats, Chipotle, or Moe's you should enjoy some music - that has abso-fucking-lutley nothing to do with this holiday!

First up is a new sing from Last Japan. It's a great peak hour electro ripper called Oi! Though no affiliation with Oi punk stemming from Last Japans native waters.

Last Japan - Oi!

Next up is a smooth 80's progressive track by Dimitri From Paris with vocals that sound like old Janet Jackson with an english accent and remixed by none other then Lifelike. It's a great track to just listen to, to get drunk to - whatever.

Dimitri From Paris Feat. Electra 80 - Rock This Town (Lifelike Remix)

And to end off smoothly is a jamming track by an up and coming producer that is getting support from everyone in Paris is Das Glow

Das Glow - I Want To Wake Up With You

Alright thats it for me today. Expect a post about a sick party I'll be playing at with some new exclusive material for the weekend!

Happy Corona Day!

- DC/GlowTape!

1 comment:

E.Strange said...

Das Glow was a funny fuckin man! haha!super awesome producer and dj as well! he hung out with us when he lost his passport in las vegas and had to stay here in otown while his tour went to canada haha funny stuff

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