Wednesday, May 6, 2009

paper covers rock

Observe the following from about 2:30 in. I doubt you'll have to squirm in your seat much to sit through the rest of it; it's arrestingly gorgeous. If you're still intact by the time the 2nd breakdown arrives at about 5:01, prepare yourself for a glacially enormous treat. I've heard they make drugs that can almost make you feel so amazing, but you probably don't want to take them.

capsule - JUMPER from now8p on Vimeo.

Capsule is a Japanese production duo I've been sitting on for a couple of years now, partly because I'm unsure how any sane person would react to them, but also because I'd feel a peculiar sense of remorse unleashing such a weapon on the American public.

It's pretty much par for course for the Japanese to take an element of western art and somehow manage to make the cliches in it fresh and renewed with their apparently demented sensibilities, but do not deny that the result doesn't often make you want to cry cathartic, sugary tears of joy and confusion. Sometimes, such as the case of this song and video in particular, the stride is caught so well that it has become much more than the sum of its western-made parts.

I have no idea where any of you will find this, so rightclicksave now and don't say a word about it.

Capsule - Jumper (320k)

Yes, yes, that's a good child. Enjoy it and don't wear it out too quickly.

- James C


Anonymous said...

Capsule is soooo good!! I have been listening to the for a few years. So glad you posted them!

DC/GlowTape! said...

I can't believe I never heard these guys before. Jeez I'm missing out on some fire. Time to empty the bank account.

wontonsoupe said...

Capsule and 80Kidz have rocked my musical world for quite some time now. Awesome post!

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