Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Top 30 tracks this year by Figure

Sorry I have not been posting much , I've been swamped (in a good way). I figured I will take a second to post basically my favorite 30 tracks to play out the past couple months. I can't post most of these , so you should look the artist up and support their music! There are a couple songs omitted due to release issues. Enjoy

This list isnt in any order..but is coming directly from my Serato archives.

1. Uppermost - We Rock
2. Cidinho and Doca - Rap Das Armas
3. Flufftronix - Filthy Angels
4. Fukkk Off - Bad Boy
5. Jay Robinson - Acid Line (Tom Deluxx Remix)
6. Dada Life - Smile You're on Dada
7. Tiga - What You Need (The Proxy Remix)
8. Gigi Barocco - The Rhythm
9. Black Holes - Avon
10. Diplo and Laidback Luke - Hey!
11. Bit Theif - Monkey Bars
12. Last Japan - Oi!
13. Jokers of the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (Rob Threezy remix)
14. Steve Angello - Show Me Love (Afrojack Remix)
15. The Proxy - The Predator
16. Eazy E - Real Muthaphuckkin' G's (Dskotek Remix)
17. The Young Lovers - Love You Madly
18. Felipe Kaval - 27 Girls (Ortyz Remix)
19 Meat Number 5 - Jackin' For Beef (MaddJazz Remix)
20. Rampage - War
21. Jose 2 Hype - Be (Rob Threezy Remix)
22. Will Bailey/Wongo - Cannock Wobble (Bill Eff Remix 2)
23. Figure - Aura (Original mix, Bul!m!atron , and Kraymer Remix)
24. Hartiras and Mc Flip - Get Blahsted (Will Bailey Remix)
25. Milner - Freak Nasty
26. LaidBack Luke - Need Your Loving
27. Jo Kira - Da Nada (Hostage Remix)
28. Anything Afrojack has done (sorry for the cop out)
29. Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli and SOLO Remix) ..
30. Tune Brothers and Mc Flipside - Jack Beat (Christian Luke Remix)

Best new artist > Kraymer
Most improved artist > Flufftonix
Blowing the hell up - Rob Threezy and Rampage
Best Full release > Fukkk off - Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill me (Full cd and single ep)
Best crowd this year - Columbus , Ohio and/or Pumps and Dunk #1 (Louisville)

In super good news , Tommie Sunshine has asked me to be on his new label 'Brooklyn Fire' lauching this around this September! I have also co signed with Synth City (LA) and Freaks Like Us (Germany) for release of my more niche work.

I have a release with Tommie Sunshine coming out on Ultra in a couple weeks and a full original ep coming out on Freaks Likes Us (Germany) in 2 months. Aura's ep as gotten remixes from Rob Threezy , Kraymer , Rampage , And Bul!m!atron locked in , more on that very soon! Always feel free to message me for free music , I always have something new to send that I dont post or send out.

Hope all is well with everyone

- Figure

It would be cool to see the other Penned writers post their top 30. Go for it yo

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