Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hail to the King Baby

We have all seen the facebook updates, we have all gotten the tweets, we have all clicked through to TMZ wishing they weren't true... but alas, Michael Jackson - The King of Pop - is dead at the tender age of 50 of an apparent cardiac arrest.

Love him or hate him, MJ was a legend and one of music's (and I mean "music" in the broadest scape) largest contributors. He was a humanitarian and philantropist as well, giving over $300 million dollars of the course of his short life to various charities worldwide.

In honor of his life and work, we are posting some MJ tracks in Penned Madness fashion... All remixed, reworked and mashed to shit...


Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Chew Fu Big Room Fix)

Michael Jackson - Bad (Mowgli is Bad Remix)

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Dexplicit Remix)

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop (Mike Mago Edit)

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Kid Nexus Remix)

Michael jackson - Smooth Criminal (LAZRtag Remix)

Michael Jackson - P.Y.T. (Marquis Remix)

Michael jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Alex Rage Remix)

Michael Jackson - Thrilla (Villains Remix)

and finally...

Michael Jackson vs. Eminem - Without Billie Jean

ALSO, R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett, I will miss you as well... but you didn't put out any music (or music worth blogging about) so I don't have a proper post for you...

Except for the image that will live in our minds, three cheers to what our father's spanked it to...

- Manley, Himself

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, his work will go down in music history I am sure.

How did you get these little MP3 players on your post?

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