Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Tribute

I'm still in shock and ah. I mean, I don't give a shit about his private life - or how weird he was - he was the king! I highly doubt anyone will ever take his place - fuck Justin Timberlake.

About 5 months ago I made a remix of PYT. I never technically finished it. But I play it out sometimes. It isn't mastered (I know again, haha). And I would have never posted it if today hadn't happened.

Here's to you Michael!

Michael Jackson - PYT (GlowTape! Remix)

- DC/GlowTape!


Sage from Fads said...

dont sweat the semantics because ITS REALLY GOOD DUDE
not lying yo

saintwoodsYO! said...

That remix is dope! ill summer track, reminds me of the Sammy Banana's remix of "The Reeling" by Passion Pit which is toooo dirty as well... definitely adding this to the summer playlist

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