Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Remember?

So I've been in Montreal now for a week or so and all the clubs have been MJ all night every night everywhere I's insane.

I can remember buying the Michael Jackson "History" album when I was probably around ten years old back in Miami. Well I could go on about how MJ impacted my life musically as well as the rest of the world.

We got this track in a couple days ago from ze Don Diablo camp. I'm a huge fan of Don Diablo and there isn't much from him that I'm not impressed by. Let's see what Don had to say...

"What better way to pay tribute to MJ than music? I've been asked by press a lot today to comment on MJ's untimely death, but what do you say without sounding cliche. MJ was not a man of many words, he spoke through his music. In short, I decided to make a song, rather than making any comments. Music is and always will be the best way to express a feeling without using words. Rest in peace MJ, I hope you are moonwalkin' in heaven now."-Don Diablo

"Remember The Time" is one of my favorite MJ songs. Don Diablo made it dark and powerful, just right for the moment.

Don Diablo - Song for MJ (Remember The Time)

- Mustache Florida

1 comment:

turdburgler said...

I totally agree i've played this song about 30 times in the past few days!

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