Wednesday, June 17, 2009


SXNDRGS (sex and drugs), consisting of two young upstarts hailing from Brooklyn, just might be the next duo to join the elite group of artists that promise us those heavy, quality electro bangers. Instead of leaking into the blog-o-sphere with a remix, they started out with two quality original tracks, one of which is is especially awesome (in the most bad-ass way possible).

With its relentless heaving-hitting chorus and swelling bassline 'We Can Fly' is one of those songs that will have you hooked on your first listen. Every DJ has their 'secret weapon' that they whip out when they really need to up the hype at a party, and this track is definitely an underrated secret and a weapon that will destroy!

SXNDRGS - We Can Fly

'Chrome Depot' is a much darker, heavier beast altogether. When asked when/how the duo started making music together, the boys gave a more-than-adequate response, "One day we were hangin out, pounded a sixpack of 'mikes hard lemonade' and out came chrome depot." Just picture that when you're listening to it.

SXNDRGS - Chrome Depot

- CJ Milli

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