Monday, June 22, 2009

Now......Live IT!

This is my FIRST OFFICIAL post here on Penned Madness and I am more than ready to give you peoples that music to get YO BODY MOVING!!!!

This week I'm blogging to you from the beautiful city of Montreal where up until 1976 it was the largest city in Canada, thanks Wikipedia.

"Props To Stephane Abitbol For His Google Image Expertise"

Today we got some tracks for you from SEXWAX, an up and coming DJ/Producer from Australia and all I can say is SHIIIIIIII!

First track up is a SEXWAX remix of Cut Copy's "Far Away". I always get an 80's vibe listening to Cut Copy, but something about this made me think of Steve and Doug Butabi. I know this track is "old" but you gone enjoy this remix.

Cut Copy - Far Away (SexWax Remix)

Last track I'm posting today is a SEXWAX remix of Daft Punk's Classic "The Prime Time of Your Life". I'm always a little weary of Daft Punk remixes because it can be difficult to out do them...but SEXWAX did it on this one MENG. To me this would be an EPIC track at the end of a SET or at the end of a night with the Grandparents.

Daft Punk - The Prime Time Of Your Life (SexWax Remix)

I'll be spinning ZE TRACKS this Saturday night at CAFETERIA in Downtown Montreal, so if you're in the area come on out, if not, you might as well make your way up here.

- Mustache Florida


the moustache in my life said...

toly agree about that daft punk rmx!
nice tracks! love 320kbit/s :>

Biff-Nasty said...

Yo Good Shit Man. I love the daft punk remix. Thanks for the good tunes!

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