Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BETA FEST 09 Update

In an unfortunate turn of well-anticipated events, the venue hosting the inaugural BETA Festival has pulled the rug from under Birmingham's feet despite overwhelming local and regional support from artists and would-be attendees. It's not easy to say what a kick in the balls this is to the southeast, as well as anyone looking forward to attending on either side of the booth.

Good news is, though, the set date is still on, but with a fraction of the lineup in the form of a one off club event... a wicked one at that. I'm not sure if we should hold our breath for the full scale thing to happen at this point, but let's stay optimistic, yeah?

Classic major-key rave anthems always bring my spirits back to where they should be. This high, that is.

Princess Superstar - Perfect (Tonite Only Mix)

- James C

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