Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Next Dimension Vol 1

This is my new official mix! It's the direction that my DC alias is going in. Space disco illness. You can get a low copy to listen to here or if you want you can click the links below and download either the separated track version or the continuos mix. Inside either of those folders include the album art work, tracklist, and mix!

Hope you guys enjoy ittttttt!!!!!

DC Presents: The Next Dimension Vol. 1 (128 mp3)

Megaupload links for 320's:
DC Presents: The Next Dimension Vol. 1 (Continuos 320)

DC Presents - The Next Dimension Vol. 1 (Separated 320)

- DC/GlowTape!


James C said...

stellar mix... you're a man after my own heart, dc. relaxed space grooves and long, smooth harmonic blends. that trentemoller remix of yes ma'am makes me really, really happy.

it's listed as "artist unknown" in the track list, but i'm pretty sure that "youth blood" track is by a swedish band called litte jinder. in my opinion she's a little groovier and more interesting than a lot of the other new-disco chanteuses out there (glass candy, little boots, marina and the diamonds, etc.) it's such a great track.

saintwoodsYO! said...

Dope mix! really enjoyed the chilled out vibe... keep'em comin homie!

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