Wednesday, July 29, 2009

daTsu + Christophe Willem: More than any

photo: Tim Navis

****edit: mp3 links are now working for this post. whoop whoop.****

I have a treat for you all this morning.

You may recall Datsu (myspace) from their remix of Justice's Genesis a good while back. It was quite paid attention to. Even more, they've made it to the pages of PM on at least one occasion. Not much else is known... they live in Lyon and, like many other things with a French persuasion, they tend to make things stir about my body in ways I'm not comfortable discussing right now.

This fantastic remix of Christophe Willem's Plus Que Tout came our way and to be honest, it's magical. The words sexy and exquisite come to mind first, but it's more importantly a playful, hook-laden house passage with a tastefully sidechained bite to it, that unmistakably French pulse applied only tenderly enough. It grooves like old house, but sounds like new love.

Christope Willem - Plus Que Tout (daTsu Mix Club)

I should probably change these pants.

- James C

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