Friday, July 31, 2009

Late Night

It's yo boy Mustache Florida, coming to you straight from South Florida. This week I was lucky enough to see Steve Aoki bring the house down over at Club Liv in Miami. The highlight of the night was when he dropped Sandstorm by Darude, brought back some memories meng. All I can say is ze night was rediculouso.

So tonight we got some funky late night electro tracks fo yo ass.

The first track is from 2 guys who go by the names, "Starks & Nacey." Both these guys, along with Gavin Holland put on a monthly party up in DC called Nouveau Riche and it's supposedly pretty banging meng. This track of theirs, "Summer Madness" is straight up late night and still gives you that original Kool & The Gang vibe. This will most definitely be heard at Menace Beach next friday.

Starks & Nacey - Summer Madness

The next track is a remix from "Nacey", that he put out for the AA24/7 remix contest. The piano and "always anytime 24/7" vocals do me just right.

Dance Area ft. Austin Boston - AA247 (Nacey Remix)

And last but not least is a track from "Dert Cheep"....this is what he has to say about his track "Get Sum (We Run This), "Its a bass heavy jammer from the city of sin. Its got all the elements of a proper song...

1. Bass.
2. Vocal samples.
3. Alarm clock."

Well he said it right, it's got all the elements and I'm definitely feeling it

Dert Cheep - Get Sum (We Run This)

- Mustache Florida


Anonymous said...

My New Favorite Band:

James C said...

good to know that sandstorm has somehow evaded the dj blacklist.

CoolGurlKrew said...

hella hella rediculoso

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