Monday, July 6, 2009

Designer Drugs Exclusive

The newest Designer Drugs track is here, and in new video form! Here is a sneak peak at their remix of "You Heart Feels" from Thieves Like Us, a PM Exclusive.


Ahhh, a true cautionary tale of love, betrayal, heartbreak and slippery bathroom floors.

So not only does this video showcase a remix, but the video itself is a remix as well. This video was spliced and pieced together by Elle Rex, NYC party photographer and unofficial third member of DD.

If you enjoyed the video, then mosey on down to ye olde itunes store and grab yourself a copy of the track.

Thieves Like Us - Your Heat Feels (Designer Drugs Remix)

- Manley, Himself


DC/GlowTape! said...

Damn this is totally where my head is at musically. Great track

saintwoodsYO! said...

I'm feeling everything Designer Drugs is putting out right now... so dirty!

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