Sunday, August 2, 2009



Some of you might have seen this track posted before , awhile ago 'Aura' got signed and the link had to be made dead. 'Aura' has been out on Beatport for a while now , and some great things have came from it. Tommie Sunshine listed it in his new Beatport Chart as number 3 for his favorite songs this summer. Zodiac Cartel put it in his new mixtape , and so many good names have been playing it out! Well now , it's time for the remixes to drop on Beatport. Im not boasting the line up of the remixes because its my project , but everything truly killed their remix.

The line up for remixes is as follows - Rob Threezy , Rampage , Flufftronix , Kraymer , Bul!m!atron , Captain Crunk , and Future Kill! Everyone did such a great job on this project that I wish I could give them all away , but I cant. So .. I'm giving all you P.M readers 'Aura' the Original mix. If you do have 'Aura' , I promise you that you do not have this final master (The label loaded up the wrong version and Beatport won't load up the new one until the remixes drop..BOO!) Anyways here is my favorite track I've made..House Pianos into Wobbles , even with a Dubstep drop!!!

So. Enjoy 'Aura'!

Figure - Aura (Original Mix)

- Figure



big up man massive tune

Dj Score said...

Great stuff

GlowXOT said...

Dope ass track!

Anonymous said...

simply wow

FIGURE said...

Thanks guys!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

absolutely nailed it for me. all the elements i love. well done sir.

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