Monday, August 3, 2009

Bring That Funky Beat Back

Mustache Florida's pervious post got me youtube searching for this video. [Great Post btw] This timeless video by Kool & The Gang never gets old and even though we missed them perform at a local community college two years ago, here is a video of what everyone who didn't attend missed out on. It's a ten minute video, and we really think you should watch all the great solos, or at least skip through to them, first the sax, guitar, then piano. They're on a guitar hero tip. Lets keep the nostalgia alive with some not so old school tracks to help us remember of the places and people we were with when we first heard them.

The Bird and The Bee - Fucking Boyfriend (Peaches Remix)

Congorock - Runark (His Majesty Andre 'Growl' Remix)

Congorock just paid a visit to L.A last week and delivered a mind blowing performance at Cinespace right before Etienne De Crecy went on. Unfortunately Etienne's set got so out of control a whole stack of subs decided to blow up and made the whole place smell like a burnt weave. So in honor of all great Itlian Dj's, here's a great remix by His Majesty Andre 'Growl' of Congorock's - Runark.

- Dj Score


DANCEdance said...

Awesome 2nd post. Kool and the gang,taking it wayyy back. How can you not love funk?

spncram said...

i loved the original from the bird and the bee, but omg, this remix has WIN written all over it. :-D

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