Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calabria (HPD Remix) - Best Remix of 2009

Our personal friends Hot Pink Delorean have just allowed us to post another one of their killer remixes - their take on Enur's dance number "Calabria." Which of course is Spanish for "holy fuck, this is my jam"

After receiving this gem a few months ago, it has been a staple of every one of our party sets and does not disappoint - it seriously makes the whole club shake and ache.

Such a strong position to say "Best Remix of 2009" I realize, but I assure you, my thoughts on this song are not the product of my hyperactive hyperbole gland.

*If this track was around millions of years ago, it would be how Man started cooking food.
*The clown from "IT" was originally named after this song but that was changed when it was realized he wasn't sick enough.
*This remix is what cocaine wants to be.
*Sliced bread feels inferior when placed next to this track.
*This track is the equivalent of drinking water from the fountain of youth out of the holy grail while getting a blowjob.
*The 463rd digit in Pi is this track, then it just repeats over and over.
*Looking directly into this track will cause you to go either blind or mad.
*This remix is nature's response and apology for cancer...

You get the idea...

Enur Feat. Natasja - Calabria (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)

A Penned Madness Exclusive

- Mannes of Team Jaguar


kapgun said...

cool track, but mp3 link does not work :(

post it on if ya like...

Manley © said...

le oops, added an extra 3 in mp3... works now, enjoy@!

Sean aka Glow man said...

its like an orgasm to my ears!

Bastille said...


E.Strange said...

seriously this track gets floors going! sooo good!

Dancefloor Mayhem said...

Thanks for the track! Great site! Would you be interested in a link exchange with Dancefloor Mayhem?

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