Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Power Plant Provides

It's such a good feeling when you find a band/artist worthy one's precious listening time. It's even better when you personal know such musicians and you can physically shake their hand and say "Thank you, thank you for trying to alleviate the amount suck around me and out in the world in general."

That's what I am feeling right about now...

Straight out of Tallahassee, my personal base of operations, comes the keyboard/drum duo Power Plant and their special brand of dance music. This infectious act have been staples on the Tallahassee music scene for the past few years, building a small army of rabid followers before ever even properly releasing a track. Their high energy instrumental dance rock, and even more high energy listeners, propelled the two from "friend's band" to "the band" status within town, packing both house and venue show alike.

Recently the duo, along with some very dedicated friends, have finished recording their LP, "Provides," and began hosting the album for digital download. Within its first day of digital release, this 10 song collection found it's way into the hands of almost 900 people. A proper CD package is in the works, as well as rumors of a vinyl release and remix album. Until then though, enjoy some cuts that are my personal favorites or download the whole album for free @ http://powerplantprovides.com/

Power Plant - Clue

Power Plant - Parts

Power Plant - A Good Night

Power Plant - Window

- Manley, Himself

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