Monday, August 3, 2009

Dskotek made of metal?


Well , it seems that way with all the remixes their cranking out like fucking robots. I've always been supporting this LA duo since I've found them , and they've always gotten proper internet hype. But now .. they gotten support from major artists like Lee Mortimer and B. Rich! A couple months ago , they dove head first into this 'wobble revolution'' , and their now sailing smooth in those waters! They got alot signed off to Beatport now too , their ep of originals and alot of remixes will be droppping soon , keep a look out for those. I have also just been told that instead of Jesse gigging out using the Dskotek name , Jesse and his partner Alex will be performing live very soon! Anyway , getting into the free shit , I offer to you 4 tracks , all you can find out there in the slew of links , but I'll put them up for the PM family to grab. I'll def. be dropping this Daft Punk remix when I play Heist this month to show love! Enjoy

Daft Punk - One More Time (Dskotek Remix)

A Girl And A Gun - Teenage Blitz (Dskotek Remix)

Dskotek - Magic Carpet ride

AC Slater - Hello (Dskotek Remix)

- Figure


Anonymous said...

The links are dead, please fix!

Manley © said...

only one was dead, should be working now.

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