Monday, August 24, 2009

On and On and On and On

Let's talk about classics for a moment (in the context of music, of course). What is a classic? What does it mean to be a classic? How long does a song have to be around for it to be considered a classic?

As a noun, a classic is considered to be "An artist, author, or work generally considered to be of the highest rank or excellence, especially one of enduring significance." and "A work recognized as definitive in its field."

As an adjective, a classic is considered as "Belonging to the highest rank or class." and "Having lasting significance or worth."

What a classic means to me, is a song that changes the course of one's life. One song, that single handedly defines a moment that alters someone's entire course. A song that when you listen to it reminds you of everything. A song that no matter how many years go by, you still can remember where you were when you first heard it. A song that when you think about where you currently are, explains everything.

Some people may have a song like that by their favorite band, favorite rapper, or favorite movie score. But mine isn't by my favorite band (which is The Strokes), or my favorite rapper (Guru), or my favorite movie score (Requiem for a Dream), but is one song by a group that changed my life for ever. That group is Orbital.

The song was introduced to me 14 years ago, I was 9 at the time. I was into bands like Nirvana, and rappers like Snoop Doggy Dogg, I had no real concrete idea what "techno" was. I really only understood electronic music through movies like Mortal Kombat. The rave scene, though irrelevant to me at the time, was very much alive back then and my only real connection to that scene was through my friends older brothers and through one of my baby sitters, (though I use that term loosely). It was actually this baby sitter, if you will, that introduced me to this song. I contested - all I wanted to listen to was Alice & Chains, and Porno For Pyros (before they became Jane's Addiction)! But he told me, "This is the most important and beautiful song you will ever hear." Pushed play on his tape deck in his car. The song came on, and I sat in the back seat of his Cobra and listened.

I could feel all the chemicals in my brain rearranging to try comprehend the sounds that were coming through the speaker. I can remember just nodding along as my ears digested the sounds, trying to comprehend what was going on, and how it was made. Trying to demolecularize the song to it's rawest components. I was 9 at the time and had no idea what New York compression, tempo synching, reverse sampling, or even what sequencing was. All I knew was that what I just heard must be what Heaven, if there even is such a place, must be like.

That song changed my life forever. And is still my all time favorite song, even though it's not by my favorite band, or rapper, or movie. It's my favorite song to dance to, to drive to, to love to, to live to, to act stupid to, to morn to, to eat to, to shower to, to run to, to play. That song that forever changed my life is called Halcyon + On + On. And I hope it does the same to you, that it did for me. Enjoy what I consider to be a true classic.

Orbital - Halcyon + On + On

- GlowTape!

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Unknown said...

Yes! It's been too long.

See also: Orbital-Tunnel Trance.

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