Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Learn what that is above if you dont know. This might help. This track '2 the rhythm' from Sound Factory came out in 1993 on RCA after 'Understand This Groove' blew up. The piano stabs can be heard in countless new track. Below the original is a brand new bootleg remix of '2 the Rhythm' that is full of high pitched sliding noises and everything you need to please the 15 - 45 year old rave crowd. Enjoy

Sound Factory - 2 the Rhythm (Sound Factory mix)

Sound Factory - 2 The Rhythm (Figure Brooklyn Fire Rave Bootleg)

The whole reason for me remixing this track and even touching something this classic ,
is the man linked below. Tommie sent the mp3 to me and said , 'Make a bootleg of this , it'll be amazing'' , or something of that sort. A while back Barletta and Tommie knocked out this tune that got so much play from so many people. Get it!

Sound Factory - Understand This Groove (Tommie_Sunshine_Barletta_Edit)

and ps. My new ep dropped on Beatport today. GRAB IT!!!




saintwoodsYO! said...

Dude that EP is straight fireee!!!

eezy said...

congrats on the EP kid

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