Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Come With Me, Do You Remember?

I watched this clip months ago and was like damn, I needs me that track!

The track is called "Kontact Me" and will be realeased later this month or the beginning of October in Boys Noize new album "Power". Here's a promotional version of this song, it is at 320, however there's an annoying robot telling us about the track a couple times.

Boys Noize - Kontact Me

And for your sampling and evaluation pleasure, the song that Boys Noize mixed in right after "Kontact Me"...Zombie Nation's "Forza (Fukkk Offf Remix)" dirty meng.

Zombie Nation - Forza (Fukkk Offf Remix)

-Mustache Florida

1 comment:

af145 said...

thats sick, can't wait for the new album

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