Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everything Cool?

First up, we have a dubstep edit of Jack Beats [Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts)] remix for Blaqstarr + Diplo ’s single ‘Get Off.'

Blaqstarr - Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)

The next track is by Foamo , the 22 year old Producer/DJ from High Wycombe in the UK. If you're into grimy, punching electro, Foamo is your guy.

Foamo - Everything Cool (Original Mix)

This track has just the right amount of 90's nostalgia to put everybody in the right mood.

Kelevra - Love You So ft. Kop Out (B. Rich remix)

Germany's So Shifty brings us this fun mix. Haven't heard of them until very recently, but hopefully we'll be hearing more from these guys! Check out some of their other tracks on Soundcloud .

So Shifty - Nowhere To Run To

Annnnd the last song is Dirty Disco Youth's track 'Stupid Sound' off of their Stupid Sound EP that was released on June 24 on Kinetika Records with tracks and remixes by Dirty Disco Youth ,Drlkt Freddie , & Sick Boy. Safe!

Dirty Disco Youth - Stupid Sound

- CJ Milli


Marilyn Roxie said...

Well, this post certainly caught my attention, since just earlier this morning I renamed my main picture folder "Everything Cool"! I'm listening through all this right now, very fun mix ! :D

Jack said...

I have a Jaimie Fanatic remix of the Kelevra - Love you song. Its really good if anyone is interested in me hooking them up.

so shifty said...

thx for the bloggage guys!

Disco Dancer said...

Here's a nice remix of Foamo's 'Everything Cool' by GTronic


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