Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Figures top 10 for Sept/Oct

Basically what my prime time tunes are right now that I'm allowed to mention.

1. Rob Threezy - Serenata
2. MaddJazz - 33rd & Oakley
3. Way Crazies! - Got Duck?
4. Dan Aux & Youx - Bill Muthaf**kin Murray
5. Phunk Freakz - So Real
6. Le Principle - Blue Love
7. Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill
8. GreensKeepers - Planet (Sticky K Remix) <****
9. Figure and Sleepy T - It's Only Love (Check 4 posts down for 320)
10.Acid Jacks - Playing with Acid (Tommie SunShines Class of 89 re-rub)

Best Bootleg/edit > La Zebra - Love
Best new name > Dolive w/ tracks Dance With you & Nothing is the Same

- Figure


Jack said...

Too bad I can't find any of these tracks on google :-(

FIGURE said...

most dont even have a street date yet

Jack said...

Damn, wish I was special enough to get unreleased tracks.

Unknown said...

Pretty bummed I would really like some of these

Unknown said...

Why does pennedmadness have to be so cool and have tracks real people cant get :(

DC/GlowTape! said...

its because we drink unicorn blood for breakfast.

Manley © said...

part of an unholy yet nutritious breakfast...

raiizor said...

ahahahah :D ! the penned madness crew is crazy :D !

the last posts were great !

keep up the awesome job !

FIGURE said...

ill be making a mix soon and you can hear these.. im really excited for all of them , most are my good friends and they are their best work!

Anonymous said...

laZEBRA track can be downloaded from his myspace

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