Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We here at Penned Madness are proud to present to you Monster Squad, a new super group consisting of The American Dream Team (otherwise known as TADT) and MCs Whiskey Pete, Andre Parnell, and Jae Stylus. This gang, or rather, squad of high-credibility artists is loaded with talent. Whiskey Pete has been dropping verses on EVERYONE's tracks recently (no joke), and Dre actually won a BBC award for "best breakthrough drum n bass MC" a few years ago). The force behind the production, The American Dream Team, is on fire right now and raising the bar for club bangers with their massive production skills and mind-altering in-your-face visuals.

You've probably heard The American Dream Team's track 'Money VIP' (you know "money bitches cars clothes and weed") which features Whiskey Pete and Andre Parnell. After seeing all of the success that this track had, they all came together, pulled Jay Stylus into the group, and Monster Squad was born! The group combines elements from all of the respective members' musical tastes and backgrounds in drum n bass, hip hop, electro, and dubstep to create versatile and unconventional songs that you'll want to lose control to. MC Whiskey Pete says, “We’re kinda going for more of an album vibe with this. Something you can listen to the whole way through ya know? Not just club singles.” Yes!

Monster Squad is in the process of recording more tracks for their album that they plan on releasing in the near future, and word is that they may be having some production collaborations on the album as well. So make sure you follow them on Twitter and add them on Myspace so that you'll be kept up with what's coming next from Monster Squad!

Monster Squad - I Get High

Monster Squad - Make Me Lose It

The American Dream Team - Money VIP (feat. Whiskey Pete & Andre Parnel)

PS- Doesn't their logo remind you of the Joose logo? Hell yeah!

- CJ Milli


daretoeatapeach said...

Sounds a bit like NASA to me, particularly "Make Me Lose It." Too bad they're asking folks to take down that "My Boo" cover. Hawtness indeed.

BTW, Retweet/reblip here: http://blip.fm/profile/daretoeatapeach/blip/22212550/Make_Me_Lose_It
And also here:

webmantra said...


Anonymous said...

Just found the same song mix under the name American Dream Team. Now I feel silly.

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