Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GlowTape Presents Miami Nights

So this is my new mix. It's not as "hard" as I usually play, but I kind of wanted to show my diversity while still being able to keep it a GlowTape! mix. I hope you enjoy it. Some of the tracks are old but still get played out all the time. Think of this as a kind of opener set as opposed to a headliner set I would do. Anyway below is the track list, as well as the Soundcloud stream and link to download the .zip with the 320 mp3, artwork, and track list!

GlowTape! - Miami Nights

1. Tensnake - Get It Right
2. Cassian - Fuck Song (GlowTape! Edit)
3. Chelley - Took The Night (Grum Vocal Mix) [GlowTape! Edit]
4. Miami Horror - Sometimes (Gloves Remix)
5. Classixx - I'll Get You (Treasure Fingers Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
6. Louis La Roche - Malfunction [GlowTape! Edit]
7. Pino D'angio - Ma Quale Idea [GlowTape! Edit]
8. Music Go Music - Warm In The Shadows (Villa Remix)
9. Uffie - Pop The Glock (Felix Da Housecat's Pink Enemy Remix)
10. Classixx - I'll Get You (IV Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
11. Theater Of Disco - YOA (The Twelves Remix)
12. Screwface Johnson - Ride & Whistle (Electric Soulside Remix)
13. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Heads Will Roll (Passion Pit Remix) [GlowTape! Edit]
14. MVSEVM - French Jeans (Dada Life Remix)
15. Feadz - The Bright Side [GlowTape! Edit]
16. Studio Apartment Vs Ben E. King - I'm In Love When You Stand By Me (DC's Feeling Sentimental Mix)
17. Coyote - Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)
18. Spirit Catcher - Beezy Operator
19. Mylo - In My Arms (Popular Computer Remix)
20. Pete Herbert - Yo Drums
21. Phonat - Set Me Free (Tasmanian Disco Stampede Re-Edit) [GlowTape! Edit]

Miami Nights (160 mp3) by GlowTape!

Also - as a bonus here are a few of the actual tracks from the mix for you to enjoy!

Pete Herbert - Yo Drums

Theatre Of Disco - YOA (The Twelves Remix)

Phonat - Set Me Free (Tasmanian Disco Stampede Re-Edit)

- GlowTape!


DC/GlowTape! said...

hahahaha I just did the text! It's just such a rad photo, I felt obligated to use it for something!

I41 said...

Liking the choice of tracks, gonna give the mix a listen when I have the time.

BenDanner said...

Almost got in trouble for looking at this at work...lol.

daretoeatapeach said...

Nice mix. I follow you on the Hype Machine and thus I'd likely have never read that "About me" if you hadn't placed it on the sidebar. Well stated.

@BenDanner Thanks for reminding me that the bounty of laser breasts can be enjoyed without repercussion at my place of employment. =)

rapture said...

Ever since deathelectro.com first used that picture with a mixtape suddenly it's popping up everywhere. faaaakes

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