Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Through The Prism

Our good friends Michael & Theo (aka Designer Drugs) have (finally, ahem) dropped their new and first single from their long anticipated (and overdue, ahem) album, Hardcore/Softcore (coming out on Ultra Records). Their single, Through The Prism is an Electro/Hip-Hop dance floor destroyer that will definitely having you spill your drink while dancing. It's vocals courtesy of fellow Brooklynite, Cerebral Vortex and a killer portamento'd melody that gives more homage to the Dutch then it does to anything we've heard from these two BAMF's before.

Here's the music video shot by the ever elusive Elle Rex.

And the song which the guys let us post up here for you all to have!

Designer Drugs - Through The Prism

Sex Cult
fo' life yo.
- GlowTape!

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