Thursday, October 13, 2011

And now for some beautiful nightmares...

With this being my first post on this delightful blog I was contemplating a personal introduction but then realized that it would probably cause people to instantly stop reading. You’re still here so let me say that my name is Beau Cauchemar and I will undoubtedly be the chart-hating musical black sheep of this talented collective.

To start things off with an explosion (never mind a bang) there is one particular name that comes to mind: Dave Scorp. This 24-year-old Hungarian instantly caught my attention with his brutal remix of the already-heavy “Razor” by Q.G. While not the most complex of tracks it certainly shines when the tool you need is a hammer. He has since continued to impress with a dance-turned-mosh sound that shows no signs of letting up or slowing down. There’s more insanity on his Soundcloud so be sure to hit the follow button if you worship distortion. Enjoy, destroy.

Q.G. - Razor (Dave Scorp Remix) by DAVE SCORP

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