Friday, October 14, 2011

Unspoiled Meat: Vol. 1

Every year I seem to accumulate a pile of hidden gems in my collection that for whatever reason don't end up seeing much light of day in terms of internet exposure. In the spirit of being better late than never, this series will pay belated tribute to some seriously under-appreciated, ass-moving potential.

Let me start off with a track by The Flexican and Bassjackers that features a beautiful build using a romantically sorrowful vocal (think Silencio from Mulholland Dr.) into a loin-tingling drop.

Not that most of you haven't heard of ZZT (Tiga + Zombie Nation) but this turbo-charged (no pun intended) remix by Marseille just may have escaped your notice. P.S. - His monthly mixtape series is also well worth your attention.

Although this now seemingly defunct Toronto duo known as Mekka Mekka only released a few productions, the ones that made it out really cooked. Minimal yet aggressive, I sometimes have a hard time placing their sound in my playlists. You want underrated? Here it is.

My appreciation for Johnny Love is no secret to those who know me. The man behind Deathface and 1/2 of the deceased Guns n' Bombs has been a major talent in the dance world long before electro became a household name. In this particular project his blender has been chocked full of rave, Cumbia, tropical, and bass whilst being firmly locked in the liquify position. To my ears he is the de facto DJ standard in creating styles rather than following trends.

Flammenwerfer emerged onto the LA scene not too long ago but it's clear that he will undoubtedly be making a name for himself in the future. Amidst a sea of stateside dubstep and electro his techno vibe is a welcomed change for another US producer. And to top it off the tracks he's released so far are free. Go get them. Now.

Closing things out with another take-no-prisoners freebie is a more recent track by the Mexican artist known as Cunha. I've been seriously impressed with Mexico's heavier dance scene that has been emerging the past year or so (more of them to come) and it leads me to believe that our parties by comparison probably look like make-believe tea parties with a baby sister. Keep it up, guys.

Enjoy, destroy.


Reagan Glazier said...

Looks like a found a new fave blog.

Clipping Path said...

This is an awesome post. One of the best.

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