Monday, October 17, 2011

We have such sounds to show you...

"Heavy" is a term that is abused often within the dance music community. With vanilla being packaged in dark German chocolate wrappers, there are musical taste buds being constantly deprived of something truly intense.

Now I can understand that music is to be picked appropriately for the particular crowd but in my experience sometimes an unexpected sledgehammer to a college-aged face can yield some surprisingly great results. In the same way that most people think Saw is the most disturbing movie ever (watch the August Underground series and then get back to me), the audience is always ripe for something under-the-radar that cuts deeper into the flesh.

And speaking of flesh, let me introduce you to some guys that aren't happy until there are guts on the dance floor: Gör FLsh.

These two Quebec metalheads have been releasing some of the most mosh-worthy tracks ever to hit the clubs and with Halloween approaching, now is the perfect time for some CDJ-delivered bloodshed.

Enjoy, destroy.

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