Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've Been Listening To...

What's going on my party people?

It Will Never Be The Same Again is a tasty track from Drop Out Orchestra. It's got beautiful build ups and is real disco'd out. The vocals are ready to roll with a nice Daft Punk vibe. Grab a cougar from your local Blue Martini Lounge and get down.

Drop Out Orchestra - It Will Never Be The Same Again

It's Like That is a new track, produced by Amtrac, off of Mick Boogie's tribute mix tape to Run DMC, My Adidas. Bun B and the peoples rip it up with Amtrac's rework of It's Like That.
Check it.

Bun B, The Kid Daytona, & Chip Tha Ripper - It's Like That (Prod. Amtrac)

The Partysquad & Punish Smash Em Remix of Major Lazer's Original Don, has got me running up the walls of a UK basement. It's got everything you need.

Major Lazer - Original Don (The Partysquad & Punish Smash Em Remix)


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