Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just the Tip...with DJ Mannes and Steve Lurkel

So some new things are coming to Tallahassee and I just wanted to keep you good people abreast to these trends. Just a little back story - Andrea Grant, Steve Lurkel, and myself, DJ Mannes, have been doing the DJ Duo thing around Tallahassee for quite some time now, going way back to October 2007 when we first teamed up for a party at our good friend Dan Morales' house. We didn't have any prior practice together but with very similar styles and tastes, we quickly blended (and quite nicely) into this DJ Dance Party unit. We then began playing numerous parties and small events together throughout town which leads us to the present - where we were recently offered a weekly spot as residents over a brand new dance night at a popular spot on the city drag. So without further ado, I would like to introduce to you....

Big Daddy's in Tallahassee is most famously known as one of the number #1 party bars in the nation as rated by Playboy magazine 2 years ago. A Tallahassee staple, Big Daddy's throws a number of different themed weekly events, most successful being the 80's/Indie dance night ever Monday night where they manage to cram 100+ into this hole in the wall. Normally closed on Tuesday nights, the owner Rob has given us a chance to test our mettle and throw our very own party. Our music, our rules, our special guests, it's everything one could hope for for a weekly gig.

To conclude this post, here is a track the was suggested to us by our very dear friend and fellow Tallahassee DJ, Mark Starr.
This will be opening the night off, just you wait...

Joey Seminara & Danny Nagels vs. MC Flipside - Just The Tip (Hatiras Vocal Mix).mp3

-Manley, Himself


The Lemur said...

Hi! It's The Lemur over @ The Lemur Blog http://thelemurblog.blogspot.com/
Sunday July 27 is my birthday and I'm reaching out with this mass-created message to all 100-something blogs in my blogroll asking them to send me a nice birthday track! I would like a track to thelemurblog@hotmail.com by Sunday, when I will be posting all tracks in a nice mix - of course linking to the blogs by their respective tracks! Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely, The Lemur

Unknown said...

please re up :P

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