Friday, July 25, 2008

Treasures found in your own backyard!

As you are well aware, We here at Penned Madness are a dance and music blog - trying to bring to light some great music and lesser known artists from all over the globe.
We are though a Florida-centric blog as well, our mission being to promote the thriving Florida music scene here.
That being the case, today's post is going to be about some local flavor across the state. Every now and again, we need to drop some knowledge about some of our friends from around the peninsula.


Starting off, we have a track from Pauly Crush of Orlando. Voted recently as Orlando's #1 DJ, Pauly Crush has been throwing parties across Central Florida for a number of years now. The most successful of these Crush @ Backbooth in Orlando on Monday nights, PULP @ Czar in Ybor on Friday nights and the former Saturday/Thursday party @ Firestone in Orlando on Thursday nights. Rumor has it that Mr. Crush has other parties in other cities in the works over the next year or so, we eagerly await any news on those developments.

Pauly Crush - Freaky Tings.mp3

Accompanying Pauly on many of his party nights throught the years is Miss Fit of Orlando. As you know, Miss Fit is one of the writers and the editor of fellow dance junkie music blog, Glitter and Gold dot Net. Below is a mash-up that Miss Fit posted a bit ago, though she writes that it is not finished, we think it's a pretty decent mix at this point.

Miss Fit - I Got it from my Momma Mashup.mp3

Tallahassee's very own electronic dance experience, Keepbullfighting, is playing their farewell show this weekend in town. As is the nature of college towns, Al and Forrest - the masterminds behind Keepbullfighting - are moving away to pursue their dreams of playing keyboard driven 8-bit victory dance music for others. We wish them the best in all their endeavors and for those that wish to see this boys off, Saturday the 26th at the OAF house (521 Conradi) in Tallahassee will be their final show.

Keepbullfighting - Creature.mp3 (quality rather poor due to downloading from myspace, my b -M)

And to end this post off right, I leave you with a mix from our very own James C aka "Party McFly". James finished this mix a couple of weeks ago, but due to fuckshit, I haven't had a chance to post it up yet.
Seriously though, his alias is no lie - James is the future decedent of reluctant time-traveling hero Marty McFly. At first James had dismissed the bedtime stories of his grandfathers' trips across time as the ramblings of an old coot, until on his deathbed did Marty's claims display their seriousness. As death came for him, Marty snatched hold of his crying grandson's hand and professed, "Don't be sad kiddo... where I am going, I won't need roads..."
Just then the door flew open and there stood James' uncles, renowned scientists and space blacksmiths, Jules and Verne Brown. They explained to James that he must come with them that instant, that the past was in danger. Striving for an explanation, his uncles responded with "It's the Kids James...something's gotta be done about the Kids!"
James glanced one last time at his dying grandfather as the uncles hurried the young boy out of the room. One last "Whoa....that's heavy," trailed out of the corners of Marty's mouth as he took his last breathe. Since that fateful day, James has lived among us in the past. Not knowing the true nature of what he must change, only that it involves kick-ass partying and bringing us killer music.

Party McFly - White Guilt 2 28:48 (zshare)

Greatful days - Ayumi Hamasaki (ParaOne Remix)
Cryptic - Pin Me DOwn (Phones Materialization Remix)
We Are... - Just a Band (The Shoes Remix)
Trust Tissue - I Scream Ice Cream
Going Nowhere - Cut Copy (Digialism Remix)
Covers Break - DJ Kue
Minuteman's Pulse - Mr. Oizo
MIA-roder - A-Track
Lick Shots - Missy Elliot (Chew Fu Fix)
Ready or Not - Party Crashers Unite
Khi Ni San Cuatro - Mr. Spastic
Plieacles - YMCK


-Manley, Himself

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