Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nas - Sly Fox

I know this is is primarily a dance music blog, but fuck it, diversify your tastes people.

Hip-Hop savior Nas has been causing a stir lately with the release of his upcoming album, due to hit streets on the 15th of July. Nas lastest outing began to receive notice when the title of the project was leaked some time ago. Formerly titled Nigger, Nas decided to change the name to simply Untitled after being alledgedly leaned on by various pressures and powers that be that began to unfavor the notice it was receiving. The controversy behind the title is not what the main focus of this post is about, it is about one man saying "fuck this and fuck you" to several institiutions set against African-Americans in this country.

Namely, our favorite hate machine, FOX News. After Bill O'Reilly attacked him for playing for Virginia Tech students and all the recent "whoops, I didn't know that was a hateful comment" moments from Fox over the past few months, *cough* Terrorfist Jab *cough* - one of Nas' singles, entitled Sly Fox, is ready to call everyone at that sham of a media outlet out.

Along with other tracks such as; Black President, America and Fried Chicken - Untitled is likely to become a defining no-holds-bar piece and one of the top albums in 2008. Coming out one week from today here are some tracks that I got from a great blog I stumbled across today, Exclusive Revolution.

Nas - Sly Fox (zshare)

Nas - Black President (zshare)

-Manley, Himself


Robert said...

So Excited for the new nas

Manley © said...

Oh yes my friend, I'm gonna scrounge up or edit some clean copies and get Sly Fox, and the rest, spun on Undaground Railroad...

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