Wednesday, August 6, 2008

<style type="Cansei de Ser Sexy">America's New Favorite Dance Kids</style>

Joining the Brotherhood of Bands that have been around for a hot minute but are now reaching "OMGZ THIS IS MY JAM, WE GOT TO DANCE NOW!" status, Brazilian dancesters CSS. Other recent additions to the Brotherhood include Hot Chip and MGMT, two other acts that have been doing what they do for a few years before, as scientists say, "blowing the fuck up."

We got CSS' newest album, "Donkey" at the station and it has been getting plenty of requests since coming through the doors. To those that don't know (those under rocks until a month ago) this ain't your daddy's Cascading Style Sheet CSS, but "Cansei de Ser Sexy" - or in their native tongue of Portuguese, "I got tired of being sexy."

You and me both fellas...

Here are some tracks from Donkey and other EPs and singles throughout the past few months... I have been playing some of these since late last year but that doesn't take away from them being fun, catchy and yes, sexy.

CSS - Rat is Dead (RAGE).mp3

CSS - Move (Cut Copy Remix).mp3

CSS - Move (Frankmusiks Club Bingo Dub).mp3

CSS - Alala (Billion Dollar DJs Bombosity Remix).mp3

CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Diplo Remix).mp3

They are little firecrackers of "all riiiiiiight."

- Manley, Himself

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