Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Call It A Comeback!

I've been dealing with a few issues here and there lately, which is the reason for my short absence from posting on the blog. Fear not, as I am here to bring you some pumpin' new tunes in exchange for my crummy attendance record on the blog the past week!

First up is a new unreleased remix of the 1993 mega dance jam, I Like 2 Move It, by Reel2Real. This red hot remix was put together by D.O.N.S. & DBS, two names quickly on the rise in the electro house scene. Only to be described as a hard hitting techy-electro-tribal big room banger, this remix will be sure to set the dance floors on fire. Supported by a bunch of big jocks lately, including Joey Seminara, and heard as current Ibiza anthem the past few weeks, this one is an ace up anyones sleeve for his or her upcoming gigs.

Reel2Real-I Like 2 Move It (DONS&DBN RMX)

This next tune is for all you crazy kids who are fans of that Nintendo 8-bit sound (GUILTY!). Here's a hot new unreleased jam by 8-Bit Boy, remixed by one of my favorite artists for years now, Dada Life. With a super catchy 8-bit melody, chopped up vocals, hard hitting kicks, and beautifully mastered sound, this is another tune I will be rockin' for the next couple weeks, and I hope you guys do to! Cheers!

The Suspense Is Killing Me (Dada Life Guerilla Fart Remix)

Up next is a fantastic remix of Weezer's "Troublemaker", that sounds like a cross between Justice and Soulwax. The guilty party who remixed this tune is none other than the master of Dooms Night, Azzido Da Bass. For all those in the more mainstream crowd, or anyone rocking clubs into that indie dance-rock sound, this one is for you! Nasty synths, great vocals, bitchin' guitars, and incredible sound production make this one a deadly little monster for your music library.

Troublemaker (Azzido Da Bass Club Mix)

Last but not least, this bomb is for fans of Sebastian Ledger, the brilliant mastermind has been responsible for a slew of productions in the realm of electro house and tech house over the past few years. Leger blew my mind with this remix of "Hello Piano" by Ink Fish and David West. With captivating bouncy beats, techy synth stabs, and one of the most beautiful piano break downs i've heard in a while...this is a MUST have for anyone interested in this realm of dance music. I've been rocking this jam lately, as has everyone else I've tipped off on this song. Snag it while its still hot!

Hello Piano (Sebastien Leger Remix)


Pelski said...

WOW! Just came across ur blog for the first time. Great stuff - keep it up

Manley © said...

Thanks, glad you like it! We are fans of yours as well...

Mark Starr said...

Thanks for checkin it out!

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