Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is a depressingly hilarious post (for me, at least)

Only because I'm posting a Lil' Wayne track. I'm still not comfortable with this whole Lil' Wayne craze. Like, really, all of these white kids think he's Jesus now. He wears shemaghs (or keffiyehs) and aviator sunglasses so he must win. Oh, and he's black. This only means I get to hear more white kids say "nigga" while rapping along, then look at me awkwardly. Or better yet, "ninja."


Really? Does he need two shemaghs? There's one dangling out of his back fucking pocket. I swear, if I ever see someone do that, I will leave the country. I personally believe that he was a lot better during the time of Hot Boys. Go back to being a hoodrat. Fuck this hipster appeal. You're not Kanye West (who is not T-Pain).

ACCEPTABLE (somewhat):

Alas, I kinda bumped my ass to this track Tuesday night in a drunken, hipster haze and lurked real hard to find it.

Lil Wayne - A Milli (Nadastrom Remix)

Okay, but really. I totally own two shemaghs. But there's something really gross about rocking two at once. That's like double-dipping with mouth AIDS.

- Andréa, better known as Steve Lurkel


DC/GlowTape! said...

Had this track for a while, it's it out of control hot. I personally hate lil wayne (on the whole, though you can't knock his "cash money" days). Kanye is by far my favorite hip hop artist. He's the only one trying to push the envelope. If he's got an ego - he deserves it. It only makes me like him more. And he was a 100% right at the EU awards. I love so me as much as the next guy - but that video is just ok. The song is great but from a video standpoint Kanye was right. Totally robbed.

CanaLectro said...

lil' wayne is pretty dank. he has some good tracks the best songs by him are the remixed ones (a milli and lollipop...). kanye is alright to but same thing, his DiscoTech Homecoming mix is rad. hip-hop is all bootylicious and stuff, but electro has the energy.

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